Pastor Craig Pierce , Pastor of Worship: Responsible for the coordination of worship services, weddings, and funerals.  Oversees the operations of the A/V ministry, choirs, and serves as the ministerial liaison between the Senior Pastor and appointed Pastors. Senior Pastors Armor Bearer


Pastor Michael Lewis, Pastor of Support: Responsible for the coordination of security, transportation, nurses and evangelism ministries. Senior Pastors Armor Bearer.


Pastor Danetta Reed, Pastor of Christian Education: Responsible for all aspects of Christian Education including the planning of seminars and training. Oversees the functions of our Prayer Ministry. 


Pastor Joanne Howard, Pastor of Leadership and Development: Responsible for leadership and development training to the Executive Board Team that is made up of the leadership of ministries at True Bethel and also counseling


Pastor Veda Pierce, Pastor of Adult Ministries:  Responsible to oversee, assist and implement planning of events related to the Seniors and Singles these ministries. Coordinator of 9AM Worship service.


Pastor Gerthrine Boyette, Pastor of TBBC Charities: Responsible for the coordination of Nehemiah Arms, TBBC Clothes Closet, (Clothing Pantry) and Taste of Faith Kitchen, (Food Pantry) implementing outreach in our surrounding area by assisting those in need of housing, food and clothes.


Pastor Horace Harper, Pastor of Outreach: Responsible for the coordination of outreach ministries that touches the lives of those who become sick, are bereaved or are suffering from substance abuse.   Also responsible for the coordination of our 11 a.m. worship service located at 472 Swan St.


Pastor Raphael Jones, Pastor of Young Adults: Young Adult Ministry (19-29), and the activities and events of our Young Adult Ministries.    


Pastor Shareef Ali, II, Pastor of Children's Church, Youth Ministry (13-18) & Dance Ministry


Lay Pastor Rhonda Henderson, Pastor of Hospitality: Responsible for Ushers, Youth Ushers, Women's Department. 


Lay Pastor Shilo Walker, Pastor of New Members:  Responsible for the coordination of our New Members who are followed by our Shepherd's Staff & Alpha Branch.


Lay Pastor Jason McCullough , Pastor of Recreation.

Lay Pastor Clifford Jackson, Pastor of Recreation:

Pastor William Holly

Elder Curtis Jeffries, Men's Department

Elder Norman Crump, Men's Department

Elder Carolyn Pratt

Elder Donell Gray

Elder Lisa Shaw

Elder Ty Shaw

Minister Yolanda Taylor

Minister Betty Allen

Minister Tanika Shedrick

Pastor Duane Thomas

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